GovNext Healthcare

  • India has by and large witnessed a great leap in Healthcare and Medicine Industry. The consumers are the central focus and there have been revolutionary methods that has enabled a great consumer service in healthcare vertical. Even though we are a fast-paced community, Indian has around 75% of rural population unaware of the developments and devoid of access to right medical/healthcare facilities.

  • GovNext, has identified such rural and/or under-privileged pockets that requires a stable, efficient and sustainable healthcare facility. In an era when technology is the greatest enabler, it is pertinent to implement these methodologies to eliminate any deficit that may exists or arise in these rural areas.

  • GovNext foresees the concept of telemedicine and digital healthcare as a way forward. Access to qualified healthcare providers, specialized consultation, timely diagnosis, accurate prognosis, effective course of treatment, and lots more can benefit the under privileged and bring down the disparity in healthcare offerings between the rural and urban areas.

GovNext Healthcare

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