M - Governance

  • M-Governance means Mobile Governance, M-Governance complements E-governance but does not replace it. It permits public information and government services available anytime and anywhere. It can be defined as a wireless strategy in implementation of governing solutions across mobile platforms on mobile phone devices and as downloadable applications primarily for delivery of public information and services to citizens and businesses alike.

  • M-Governance is considered to revolutionize the way public services are delivered in todays' time. Factors such as accessibility, low cost, transparency and network reach in remote areas of the country makes it the most sort after solution after E-governance. Its personalized, localized and contextual orientation to citizens and officials gives a sense of ownership and freedom of use of information.

  • GovNext, will significantly promote M-governance as it envisages consumers over 1 billion to be operational thereby revolutionizing wireless governance.  M-Governance is inter-dependable, low cost and scalable technology solution. The ever-growing mobile gadget users and invention of newer technologies allows substantial amount of governance operations on mobile platforms. It is a futuristic step for GovNext team to implement such reliable technology for good governance.


  • Accuracy leads to Increased productivity

  • Real-time activities lead to increased efficiency

  • Anytime access to data (wireless/mobile) drives quick decision making

  • Ubiquitous enables information broadcast quick and intense

  • Low-cost solution vis-a-vis mass interactions with citizens